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About Us

Never Stop Learning, Because LIFE Never Stops Teaching.

How it works?

Explore Taster Programmes
  • Browse through various Taster Programmes offered by Education Centres.
    Taster Programmes allow you to experience a particular field of study or hobby, from a few hours to a few days.
  • This will help you make informed decisions, know your level of passion in the field of study. Decide if you want to keep it at a hobby level or pursue it as a profession.
Manage Your Schedule Online
  • View schedules of classes, book available dates and make payments on OLLEEP. Save the hassle of contacting schools and going down to register.
  • Have your own Proudfolio to keep all your certificates and resumes online.
Understand Yourself
  • Take our Work Skills Inventory and Career Interest assessment today to discover suitable career paths.
Achieve Your Goals
  • Get recognition whenever you complete a course. Online badges for finishing Taster Programmes and formal certificates for completing regular courses.
  • Consult our Career Mentors online.

How it all started?

Olleep’s birth revolves around the idea of helping people connect their passion with new potential career paths. We noticed that many people often end up doing something different from what they studied in school..Read more
  • We want to you to find the most suitable programme for you. We provide free online assessment for you to discover your career interests. Take these tests today and register for new courses!
  • We are dedicated in allowing you to receive the best education. Choose from our wide array of education partners worldwide that provide quality courses.

OLLEEP strives to be the top platform for education partners to showcase what they have to offer and allow users to discover the endless opportunity to learn new skills and gain more knowledge. We love to be part of your lifelong learning journey!